Yesterday 12:25AM

Imagine working in the paint industry... certain raw materials were already starting to slip below the level needed to meet demand before Texas exploded in a fury of ice and mismanagement. Now the plants that produce what we need are all fucked and so actually getting the goods we need is becoming harder and harder. Read more

Tuesday 8:08PM

Seriously, what the actual fuck. Rice is not a vegetable. Barley is not vegetable. Corn is not a fucking vegetable. 

6/04/21 9:35AM

If you can’t figure out what the safety implications of not being able to see over the hood are, that’s your defect, not ours. Read more

6/03/21 8:42PM

I just hope it comes with stability control as standard equipment. Nobody wants to spin - flat or otherwise - in their new truck.

6/02/21 1:57PM

I always figured he inserted a catheter and had a way to empty it while he was crime fighting. Especially on long stakeouts. Read more

5/24/21 9:38AM

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this Chariots of the Gods schtick draws some serious protests from (inter alia) evangelicals in this new ‘everyone has to be offended all the time’ world we’ve made for ourselves.

5/21/21 11:22PM

Burger Kings in the San Francisco Bay area equally as disgusting and filthy. God I miss Portillos !! My mom used to bring me an Italian Beef from the one in Addison back in the late 70s.   I can still picture that building. It's been demolished with a shiny new one I think.

5/18/21 10:09PM

No, but I kind of thought it was referring to the bong in the picture, and I was kind of impressed.

5/18/21 2:07PM

Central MN, here. Popeyes is beyond rough- they’re always trashed like a grease bomb went off and it turns me off the food. I also lived in SNE and the Popeyes there alternated between "standard fast food" and "trash compactor." Read more

5/14/21 10:02PM

look at you using facts to prove a point. that’s not going to fly around here. Read more

5/14/21 7:58PM

there’s more than just cheddar when it comes to cheese. vermont got one right. wisconsin has about 600.

5/04/21 1:27PM

I remember growing up, having a real issue with a lot of the children’s shows and movies we were forced to watch, that featured animals.  They were always very cut animals, like golden retrievers or dolphins, and this always rankled me because they definitely privileged animals that were visually pleasing, and the Read more

5/04/21 9:58AM

At first blush, I wanted to yell “you’re eating pre-processed frozen bagel pizzas, what do you expect” but.. God that’s douchey of me. It’s not unreasonable for people to push for better food, regardless of their tastes. De gustibus non disputandum est and all that. Silly pre-coffee me thinks that maybe, just maybe, Read more

4/30/21 11:21PM

Hate to be the bummer, but nobody survives. We’re all chowder.