Nov 27

“potential invasions of privacy”?? What? As an employee, you’re being paid to do a job. While you may not like it, your employer has every right to keep track of what you do. I personally wouldn’t monitor my staff that closely, but there are many reasons why an organization may want to. Read more

Nov 24

Right?! I’m making a cranberry mousse pie this week, but I’ve never seen cranberry pie as a holiday staple. THE CONFUSION

Nov 19

So... We just have to rally together as a species and convince everyone to completely abandon human nature and we’re good then? Sounds like a solid plan.

Nov 16

It might not be clear in the article, but these come in a jar already rolled up as a whole fillet around a nice large caper, so the Roland brand is specified already.

Nov 12

You can eat anything, although, to be fair, some things you can only eat once.

Nov 12

This might be the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Maybe you can tax the companies who employ those who work from home, since they are saving money by not having to provide as much office space, office supplies, technology (network bandwidth), etc.

Nov 6

“Many disability advocates called out Warner Bros. for designing a character meant to be feared in a way that could possibly link disability with such a negative connotation.” Read more

Nov 6

My cats have been consuming free range insects for years.

Nov 5

They’re nice looking pins, but I don’t know if they’re $15 MSRP nice. (They make $20 action figures seem like stupendous value by comparison.) They’d be more reasonably priced if they ditched the heavy duty packaging. The collector-style packaging would dissuade me from from opening them up to use the pins as pins. If Read more

Oct 23

I don’t feel I can trust BK to properly clean these. I would not want to chance it, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

Oct 21

No way. There’s a little tiny heart association logo on the can so Diet Coke has to be good for you.