Jul 27 2018

The Duck Challenge: Change the topic of conversation to ducks without anybody noticing. Read more

Jul 23 2018

NP, but I think I am the only person who does not like these cars. Too cute for my taste.

Jun 24 2018

Any type of fuel limits, if the teams want to race to a fuel number as part of strategy that’s fine. If the teams have to race slower because they might run out of gas or fuel flow is limited it’s not racing, it’s really fast hyper miling.

Mar 26 2018

Call the credit card company to cancel the payment... I find those guys the least asshole-ish...

Mar 10 2018

Heh that is undeniable. Also nice pic that is basically my car with different wheels.

Feb 24 2018

That’s true, and helps explain why many Euro models get direct and port fuel injection, while their US counterparts don’t. The VW GTI is one example.

Feb 24 2018

Port + direct is pretty ideal to get the lean burn efficiency of direct injection with the valve-cleaning effect of the port injectors to stop carbon build-up. VW does that in Europe...but cheapens out for the US and removes the port injectors here. Boo. Read more

Oct 6 2017

My parents are racist and they still got along well with my girlfriend. Her parents didn’t like me though, so we had to break up. Read more

Nov 11 2016

I spent a year in former East Germany right after the wall came down. These things were everywhere, and you could often find those big construction disposal bins where people had tried to “stuff” stripped Trabants into them. Before the wall came down, Trabants were taken very good care of, for the most part, because Read more

Sep 21 2016

OK I am assuming I will own and purchase the said auto drive car (not that I want one, but if I must then so be it). They should be set up like computers or smartphones. When someone 1st gets one the OS asks for the user to set up the settings one of the settings could be morality or something along those lines. This Read more

Aug 4 2016

Crap like this an HOA’s are exactly why I’m looking for 10-15 acres of land to build my house on. If I can’t see my neighbors, they can’t see me, I can do what I want. Not that I want my house/yard to look like crap, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to have someone who doesn’t pay the bills tell me what I can and can Read more

Jul 29 2016

There are fewer cars more worthy of Jalopnik. At this little automobile’s core lies the heart and soul of what creates a motoring enthusiast. It isn’t obvious and it isn’t loud, but it’s there. Read more