Been thinking a lot about names and their potential to influence identity. A question came up between me and bearddamnheroes and I wouldn’t mind soliciting some opinions on the subject. It’s become common to give girls traditionally male names, but the inverse isn’t true, for obvious sexist reasons.


It’s been a while since I posted something long-winded and personal around here, so I figure I’m probably due, right? There’s something I’d like to get off my chest, but I’m not really feeling like discussing it with the people I interact with in meatspace. And if you can’t share something with anonymous internet…

Supreme Court petition

Who knows if this stuff makes a difference (why yes, I am feeling incredibly defeated and depressed lately), but there is a petition saying that the Senate has waived its right to weigh in on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee due to excessive delay, and Obama should be able to just appoint Merrick Garland at this point.…