So... pink Air Man?

Nearly wrote “Florida Man” about five times while putting this together. Read more

But the subdued color palette makes sense for a lot of games. I think that’s the major difference between the palette choice in a lot of japanses games(Both Nier games also come to mind).

The style that you call bland, isn’t supposed to invoke beauty in the instantly gratifying way saturated color palettes do. It’s Read more

Unreal Engine 4 is Game Engine of The Year bitch! Read more

Counterpoint: Xenogears on the PS1 is also one of my favorite games of all time. I hated the first Xenoblade as well. Read more

“We forgot that we can sell much of our pre-owned stock of games between now and the holiday shopping season. So we’ll resume the program once we have more money and fewer used games to rent.” Read more

Polygon had a piece a couple days ago that made essentially the same argument you are making, but they threw in some counter-examples very quickly without bothering to discuss them. One of the counter examples they mentioned was Japanese studios that don’t operate at the same “scale” as Western studios, and so their Read more

Because it was the 00s, people were not made of glass back then. Read more

Oh NO this ruins everything! This means the original will stop existing!!! I will be forced to pay money to go see this and I will hate it! I HATE THIS WORLD!! Read more

Pro-tip: Watch at 1.5 speed. Then it’s only 3 hours. Read more

You just responded to an almost 2 1/2 year old post lol Read more

I’ve had my Switch for a while now and that’s still all I ever ask! Read more

What an interesting issue. As we move towards games as service, and with the rise of streaming, it seems like enforcing the rules should be easier. But PUBG is such an interesting beast that something like a 30 second stream delay isn’t going to stop a stream-sniper. Read more

It’s like a video game version of “DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE”. Read more

Maybe it’s a cry for help. They are hopelessly addicted and are trying to spare others the same fate. Read more

I’m not ready, still have a few hours of Mass Effect left. Read more