We’re all distraught over this, but don’t dole out spectacularly stupid advice. At the heart of this story is the omnipresence of cameras - and if you think that by storming in and assaulting a child bully at school is going to yield positive results in this day and age (nothing like when your badass mother did it), Read more

In a vacuum, might be shade. In context, too obvious. Read more

Apart from when she posted on instagram about it immediately after Lemonade dropped? Also the last time I listened to Lemonade there was one single reference to “Becky” and the rest absolutely tearing Jay a new one, so your straw man doesn’t really hold up babes Read more

The entire Lemonade album would beg to differ that Beyonce isn’t holding Jay-Z accountable..... Read more

I don’t really want to wade into a squabble about this or anything, but I would - to a degree - argue that it is us who are obsessed with “Becky.” Read more

I am as vain as the next person and I know that aging will ultimately be a struggle for me (I grew up in LA). But to have my entire worth and identity be so tied to my youth and appearance, and to have to grow up, learn, change, age, see my value actually fade as my beauty does, and die on camera would be incredibly Read more

tfw you’re done using black culture for profit and moving onto your Colbie Caillat phase.
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This is outrageous. And yet, so typical. He would NEVER say that to a white man. I don’t think he would say it to me, a respectable-looking white woman. And she asked a legitimate question. GOD WHAT A TOOL. Read more

I think your daughter is cool. Just thought you should know.
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A kid in my daughter’s high school was known for his giant equipment and was sitting next to her in a similar fashion last spring, dong resting on his thigh, khakis straining to contain the monstrous organ. She looked at it and hissed, “Jesus, rearrange that RIGHT NOW!!” Mortified, he complied with her directive. Read more

Thanks, kid. Mike Pence also owes me (and every other LGBT person) and every woman in America an apology. But it’s a start. Read more

Looking at that top picture, Jdepp is starting to get the face he deserves. Read more

Meanwhile, at JazzFest, even though it was the last day, I heard Zydeco, swamp rock, Kermit Ruffin’s tribute to Louis Armstrong and some gutbucket blues. I ate Shrimp and Grits, Shrimp Creole, Smoked Turkey and Alligator Sausage Gumbo, Begniets and Mango Freeze, washed down with iced and hot Cafe au Lait. I made a Read more

I hope they sue all those models too. I want all these POS to be made responsible for this, especially that little fratboy who orchestrated the whole thing. I don’t care if he scammed rich kids, he scammed people in the end. Finish him. It’s not like some random Instagram models were advertising the festival. It was Read more

Speaking of Cinco de Mayo, I just learnt this yesterday.

Also, in five years, no one worth spending time with is really going to give a shit where you went to college.
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That metal flame shirt is bringing be back to like 6th grade and all the gross boys I went to middle school with.