Fade in to Patrick Duffy lying in bed. Read more

That’s fine. All I care about is gratuitous HBO sex melting the ice zombies. Is that in the outline?
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Pretty sure nearly every college campus has a list of guys to avoid. Serial date-rapists are probably much more common than the kidnapping variety described above, there just aren’t rape kits done for those unreported assaults. Read more

Far more common than who thought? Because I’m pretty sure most women are not surprised by the news that when rapists get away with one rape, they go commit more. That’s what happens when a society doesn’t take rape as seriously as it should. Read more

So you’re saying the Stanford rapist has either done it before or will do it again? Shocking. Good thing he only got 6 months for that 20 minutes of action, since I’m sure he will never again be a threat to society. Read more

I was a fan so this is a let down, but I’m not so infatuated with him that I can’t accept that he did a shitty thing. Read more

The number of Johnny Depp apologists out there is so depressing. I know he’s a lot of women’s Manic Pixie Dream Man Forever, but Jesus. I don’t care if it was alcohol/drug-related and he’s a real nice guy when sober, I don’t care if she “provoked” him, I don’t care if Amber Heard is or isn’t a gold digger, domestic Read more