Jul 3

Loved this book. Another rec in this kinda genre would be Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marsha Pessl. SO GOOD. My copy is so beat up cause I find it to be such a good re-read (and I don’t usually re-read books). I wold welcome any other suggestions of this sort of book (dark, insular, secretive in-group rich Read more

Jun 15

I would never have guessed in a million years that, in terms of the culture wars, liberals would get Nascar and conservatives Harry Potter.

2020, man.

Jun 8

It’s technically not in the kitchen. And almost never used. It was a joke gift from my maternal grandmother. Read more

Jun 4

Sir, you sound burned out. And very often, people who burn out believe it’s because of work, tinged with family obligations, but we’re in a different world. Burn out happens in different ways, and you are ON all the time. Please disengage inasmuch as you possibly can. You can still be a good person and ally (not that Read more

May 25

They werent Vikings yet , just Viserfs and the occasional Viduke.

May 25

Sure, but wood rots and not everything gets preserved equally. The board presumably either didn’t end up buried with these, or it didn’t last.
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May 21

A week ago, Alton Brown was streaming his wife using his pizza peel to spank him (for comedic effect, they were making kale pizza) so technically that wasn’t a unitasker... but it was a unitasker of food.

May 21

Is Lucifer good?  I watched the first pilot episode and it seemed aggressively shitty, but I love the original Gaiman stuff, and pilots can sometimes be pretty bad relative to the rest.  What say you?

May 11

1.) This guide is written from the perspective of changing a diaper for a baby who is not actively trying to escape the entire time. This may be covered in “advanced diaper changes” and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a bunch of practice first and gradually be introduced to the squirmy wormy... Read more

May 1

I’d add that whatever you pack in the bag, have the bag packed sooner than you think you’ll need it. I went into labor three weeks ahead of my projected due date and had only packed baby stuff and nothing for me. I walked into the hospital with the clothes I was wearing and almost nothing else - I don’t think I even Read more

Apr 30

Also Father-to-Be Should have a bag with his necessities right next to mom’s. When my wife went into labor, the last thing I thought about was my bag of stuff, so I proceeded to leave it home. I was in the hospital the whole time with my wife, but luckily I was able to get someone to bring my bag for me.