When I first skimmed the article, I thought that Bret was the one emailing “you are remarkably dumb” to Samer. I thought the story was “NYT op-ed columnist randomly decides to personally insult blogger, ends up getting super upset and emailing huge rant”. I was amused to realize the story was “Blogger personally Read more

I just can’t believe Spielberg doesn’t have a notebook full of ideas that “will never get made” because a studio doesn’t know how to market it or want to invest in it or want to bump something else off of their calendar for it. “Filmmakers can do whatever they want in a much freer environment with fewer compromises? Read more

So Stephens took the high road and you wrote a bunch of emails that look like they could have been written by an angry 12 year-old, and you actually think that by writing this and copying those emails and publishing them, we’re going to take your side? Read more

isnt it great that people think hillary is relevant anymore? she lost to the biggest fucking loser in a campaign that was given to her on a fucking platter; but yeah, let’s all ask her what it takes to not lose to donald trump. Read more

“I want to cure racism so I voted for Hillary ‘Superpredators’ Clinton” Read more

I want you to give me a current Democratic candidate with both a plan to tackle racism and an extensive record indicating that they would make it a priority during their term as president. Read more

As a long-time manual driver (and having owned two Legacy GTs), I can certainly jump on the bandwagon, however you have a fair point. Lamenting old technology falls on deaf ears quickly, and the manufacturers have to move on. That being said, for the performance enthusiasts, CVTs as they exist now aren’t sufficient. A Read more

Since MisterPiggins didn’t want to be a big boy and respond to my actual post about not seeing proof about some playerbase wanting a black female hero while also editing my post, Here I fixed it for you cupcake

Really disappointed that this wasn’t a transgendered, lesbian, vegan, disabled, black, female (who drag kings), Jewish, flat-earther, socialist, transabled, suicidal, gay, wolf-kin, incestuous, orphan, Muslim, trisexual, with green hair, facial tattoos, and PTSD that has sex with animals. Read more

beyond the inevitable raging because he is a guy, the character seems cool.  the design is kind of standard sci fi shooter, but the backstory, i love a good redemption story.
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Straight and not Bi/Pan/Asexual. That’s gonna piss some people off.  Read more

Oof. Black but not female. That's going to piss some people off Read more

Straight women who think women are the only ones forced to carry the “emotional labor” of the opposite sex should try dating straight women. I assure you, it isn’t a one way street.  Read more

Indeed how dare Hideo Kojima do what he wanted to do Read more

It doesn’t helpt that they constantly and frequently characterize anyone to the left of the DNC as whte guys as if there aren’t loud and prolific critics of color.  Read more

As for Splinter, they are owned by Univision(same as The Root), a major conglomerate whose execs are buddies with the media execs of the Venezuelan media. Read more

Just here to remind people The Root was founded by Henry Louis Gates. AKA White liberals’ favorite Black person.
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