“Yeah well when I raped her I had no idea she would actually make me suffer any consequences! It’s not fair! This is real sexism, guys!”

Common rich person tactic for wearing down their opponent and being seen to be innocent when guilty as hell is endless, petty court battles. You can further victimize your victim by bankrupting them through repeated legal fees, you can try to take revenge on people who called you on your bullshit by costing them lots Read more

(millennial scoff) More like Title Nein Read more

I nominate her for bad bitch of the month, that is supremely awesome! Read more

Like his supporters. You’d think Clinton was on the grassy knoll. Read more

And by many on the Left, too,
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And get called a bitch by the Right...more than they do already
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if Hillary acted like Bernie, with the finger raised and pulling faces while she’s in the middle of a sentence, she’d be booed off the stage. Read more

Sanders is blaming everything gone wrong on Clinton. Read more

You’re not bothering me! I’m so GLAD to find other feminists! Read more

I going to head over there now! Read more

thank you thank you thank you again for the fem links!!!

Well, here’s my anecdotal evidence: I’m a woman who’s loved Bjork for twenty years and I have several lady friends who love Bjork, too. When I went to see her live circa Volta, the audience seemed pretty evenly split between genders. Read more

I don’t know why this is relevant. I’m not talking about male fans of Bjork. I’m talking about assholes who refuse to believe woman can do anything for themselves. Read more

I wish I could say this is surprising. White men, especially, fall all over themselves trying to give the credit to other men. We get it. You’re threatened by women who have more knowledge, power or talent than you. Quit projecting your insecurities dudes. Read more