Aug 26 2014

E31 should not be on this list not even the manual CSi, V12 makes for a nice decal but that's it - when people think touring 2 door cruiser the 8 is sloppy seconds to SL - and these V12s are just not that good even when working well and it's amazing they were the basis of the donk in the Mclaren F1 as they are soooo Read more

Aug 21 2014

I daily a 93 540i and agree on all of these. While the big S is another class up in gadgetry and opulence, I love mine for the plainness of its German functionality (and being able to get 30mpg cruising in a 21 year old V8 is great for impressing people too). Stealerships are a huge nono... unless it's something you Read more