11/26/19 11:20AM

sometimes really subtle things like how someone responds to “ok” tells you a lot about them as a person. so when someone interprets that THEY think “ok” is dismissive, it tells me they are the sort of person i dont want to deal with. people spend so much time talking and socializing and being afraid that someone’s Read more

11/26/19 9:48AM

These universal “rules” are always so absurd. If someone writes a long speech about how “our relationship is struggling and we need to talk and could we please meet up” and you respond “k”, then fine, the conversation begged for a longer, more thoughtful reply. If someone says “let’s meet up for coffee at 2:30" then Read more

11/22/19 3:09PM

Cornbread dressing is a staple on Thanksgiving and Christmas across most of the South, but also can be brought to potlucks, church dinners, and other events. It’s so ubiquitous around here, that I was in my late teens to early twenties before I realized stuffing was something else, and didn’t necessarily involve Read more

10/08/19 9:59PM

It's your bad? So change the headline, maybe? "That's my bad" is meaningless. And it doesn't matter whether the headline landed or not, what matters is that it did not adequately represent the article. I came here expecting a contrarian take on the subject and came away disappointed.

10/08/19 12:04PM

that sandwich looks like shit.
And that’s like, the promo shot where it’s actually made of plastic to look a lot more delicious.

Dear god, america, can you stop murdering food, and yourselves when eating it ?

“But W, it’s 3$, this is huge news !”
“Yeah, great, then again, this is 2-3€ in France, and that’s not a promo

9/28/19 3:26PM

Just ran into my garage to fix this and to my bewilderment realized that I don't own a porsche.