Nov 25

I was on top of Netflix MCU through Daredevil Season 3 so I think I have Jessica Jones Season 3 and The Punisher Season 2 to catch up on. I strongly agree with the Scott Buck opinion; he dealt the televised MCU two bad hands and I hope that he is not given any such responsibilities in the future.

Nov 24

I finally watched season three of Jessica Jones. With that, I watched the entirety of the Netflix MCU and all of its highs and lows (Scott Buck should never be a show runner again.)

Jun 4 2019

I mean, if a friend looked at me the way that Aziraphale and Crowley look at each other, I would be like, “Why are you eye-fucking me, friend?”

Sep 3 2018

You don’t have to apologize. This issue has been covered extensively here, and there’s no need to rehash everyone’s feelings ad nauseam. Dave Bautista’s latest comment is news and you reported it responsibly. Read more

Jul 11 2018

On the one hand, I’m glad that Univision stepped up in 2016, bought the Gawker Media Group, allowed the Gawker Media Group to rebrand itself as the Gizmodo Media Group, and in general didn’t just set the entire GMG on fire and sink it. Read more

Jul 3 2018
Narcisse out

As announced on the Twitters, io9 Senior Writer Evan Narcisse will be ending his time at io9 in the near future.

Jun 16 2018

Just a warm note that, according to research, the rate of false reports of abuse are somewhere between 2% and 10%, which is to say they are immensely uncommon. Believe victims.

Jun 7 2018

18 years as a Catholic, many of those as an altar boy.

Like most Catholics, practicing, ex, or otherwise, I have a more liberal view of the world than doctrine expects. Most normal people have a gay relative or friend, and unlike Evangelicals we don’t view them as sinners but people deserving of love and compassion.

Jun 7 2018

Most Catholics are Democrats? And despite being Democrats, those Catholics are going to join the Trump train because a dude kissed another dude? Read more

Jun 7 2018

I was raised Catholic so I pretty much call bullshit on you.