Billy Milby
4/09/21 1:57PM

It was certainly head scratching. I never got the memo that no one is allowed to have a sense of humor anymore. I actually know people who were born 30 years ago describe their home town by the indigenous tribe from 400 years ago. Like, “Okay, I get it. Lighten up, Francis.” Read more

4/01/21 9:41AM

I miss the days when Gender Reveal Parties were in the hospital.

3/28/21 6:05PM

Came here to post this, was already top comment. What do I do now?

3/12/21 1:04PM

Hello Lawrence, this is incorrect. While it is true Yamaha was involved in the acoustic tuning of the exhaust note as well as the “sound conveyance device” for channeling the induction sound into the cabin, the system does not rely on any electronics or any sort of synthesis / artificial sounds. You’ll never hear any Read more

3/12/21 12:04PM

Thank you - homie has no idea what he’s talking about.

How dare you put one of the best sounding cars of all time, in your list of FAKES

3/12/21 12:04PM

Artificial engine sound isn’t something new. It has been a thing for years in vehicles such as the Lexus LFA”

How dare you!
You need to do some more research, bro.

Do you believe an acoustic guitar is also artificial?

3/12/21 11:59AM

Per Yamaha’s own archival material, they developed sound processing tools to tune the system in the LFA, but the actual system was totally acoustic Read more

3/12/21 11:52AM

You might want to read Yamaha’s original press release: Read more

2/28/21 12:20PM

Lmfaooooooo look at you calling this guy a racist for no reason. There is no debating with SJWs

2/25/21 7:38PM

It most certainly is a negotiation. I’ve worked with an Indian tribe and they’ve become very adept at playing the victim card. Usually it’s a shakedown for a payout; then they start to infighting over which of their own factions get it. See casinos, Keystone XL Pipeline, literally any government social program and now Read more

2/25/21 3:54PM

The term “schtick” implies some kind of performance. This is not that, it’s a passion that has existed since I was a child (a passion so strong it drove me to study engineering, move to Detroit, and work for Jeep).

I’m just buying whatever vehicle I want to buy (remember, I have to pay for these machines with my own Read more

8/05/20 4:16PM

Nah, NPoCP needs to stay. Are there a slew of crack addicts on Jalopnik that are offended by the title? Maybe they should focus on rehab instead of whining about the title of a dumb blog. Read more

8/05/20 8:18AM

That’s going to be the new name for this - goodbye NPoCP. Guessing the overlords got offended by people possibly being offended and decided to offend us

8/05/20 8:15AM

Why did you change the name of this poll?