Beejoli Shah
Oct 18 2016

Hiya - could not agree more. But the article (still readable on archive) makes fairly clear this is an opinion piece / examination of past (public and cited) statements and actions, much from the NBA’s own congressional testimony. I did pull in facts - none of which weren’t out there - only to bolster my personal Read more

Mar 31 2014

Hey Aaron! When launching a new product within an existing company ( editorial venture alongside a traditional dating product), how do you know when to step away to maintain work/life sanity, vs. doubling down on time spent, because new ideas take lots of time and effort? Read more

Dec 27 2013

It's weird how you trash me on commenter blogs, but want to share giggles on my personal page. Fun! Christmas!

Dec 20 2013

How often do you guys get the urge to engage in midget tossing and throw Kyle Wagner around the Gawker offices?