Dec 8 2014

Sure beats Western getting sent to Idaho.

Dec 5 2014

That's some pretty good D in that first gif. Hell of a move by Irving, but he certainly didn't "make him look dumb". It was a good contest considering the one-on-one island he was on

Nov 18 2014

I've always had a hard time with the "this is black culture, stay out of it" thing. If what you mean by black culture is calling women "bitches" then I'm sorry, but everyone gets a seat at that table. Unless, of course, you are only calling black women bitches, then that changes things, and that also makes you look Read more

Nov 5 2014

Elk aren't there to create picturesque natural landscapes for you and a bunch of cityfolk to coo over. We killed all the North American apex predators except for the Kennworth tractor trailer. Someone's gotta cull the herd. There's no Old Elk Home out there for them to expire into death gracefully.

Nov 5 2014

Elk are delicious and I'm certain he stuffed that sucker in his fridge. It takes a pretty pathetic human to criticize humane hunting.

Aug 28 2014

ZMF's yearly contributions alone are enough to justify this entire exercise.

Aug 18 2014

Ohhhh, you took graduate level courses on racism! You're so knowledgeable! You're already turning out to be such a great white guilt liberal who will have decades of apologizing on behalf of white people for slavery (although no white American alive or within the last 100 years owned slaves). Do the world a favor: go Read more

Jul 24 2014

There's plenty of ways to build muscle. Always doing 10-8-6-4 is not THE way to build muscle. If you only did sets of 10 or you only did 10-8-6-4, you're probably going to only progress about the same amount. Stop vomiting incorrect information on the internet please.

Jun 10 2014

Different breeds of cattle are used for beef and dairy production; odds of that combo are zero.

May 9 2014

i always ask for a taster. mostly because i want to make sure that the Hamms hasn't gone skunky.

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