Feb 14

I hope they look like the old kings from XV, since the original knights inspired the kings’ looks. 

Apr 14 2018

I sympathize with George R.R. Martin. He’s a good idea man who can’t seem to write his way out of a paper bag, or perhaps a fine pressed velvet pouch embroidered with thread-of-gold and pearls from the coastal waters of Bravos, where...nevermind. Read more

Apr 14 2018

I can see the showrunners saying, “We doing zombies?” “Nah, we got dragons. Cut it.”

Apr 13 2018

I think they wanted to ensure the sense of finality with the Red Wedding while also preserving the big “magical resurrection” in the series for Jon.

Apr 13 2018

If only more books had been released in a timely manner that had made her presence inescapable for a television production. But whoever could have made such a thing happen?

Apr 3 2018

Now that the massed shooting glass ceiling has been broken, which segment of society can we blame now? 

Mar 23 2018

I think that’s because there’s fundamentally nothing more to selling the stuff than - selling the stuff. Read more

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