Friday 11:51AM

Veloster’s the obvious choice. That budget’ll get you a Turbo Ultimate, so you get all the goodies while meeting all the criteria. Or add a couple grand and you can take home a Veloster N and have some serious fun in a funky-looking car.

Friday 7:26AM

This. I can’t believe none of the “experts” mentioned the Veloster. It’s an obvious choice.

Friday 5:55AM

The Veloster N is funkier than the Juke with its asymmetrical door setup and faster too. 2019MY will run you under $30,000 (I’m not bothering to look up what markups do to this number so I’ll retreat to lower trims if I’m wrong).

Thursday 3:23PM

If the Toyota C-HR isn’t funky, I don’t know what is. I would actually consider it if it had a manual gearbox.

Thursday 1:52PM

Don’t want to give out money too easily, its how we had serious fraud with the PPP loans. If lordstown cant make a decent vehicle, they shouldn’t be supported, and there are honestly a bunch of EV startups that promise big and never delivered past concept art.

Thursday 1:42PM

more vaporware companies popping up trying to get their piece of the cake and repeat tesla’s unrepeatable success wont do shit to help anyone but investors. Read more

Thursday 10:21AM

1st: Best of luck with Mazda, although I’ve long written them off as a cursed brand/company. I own one and I love the car but the company feels like they’re constantly living on a borrowed time, and whenever they’re trying to bring up something big, they get hit by something that is beyond their control. Read more

Thursday 9:06AM

I don’t think that’s what it is.  I think they’re trying to delay the Oshkosh vehicle by about 4 years, because they’re sure either Trump himself or the Trump bootlicker that will be elected in 2024 will cancel the Oshkosh contract and give it to Workhorse.  It’s not even that crazy a theory.

Tuesday 5:17PM

I think that’s bullshit.

Koenigseggs makes nice cars. Revolutionary.

But also just a 100 per year, while burning PLENTY of fuel with their 500, 800, 1000+ horsepower toys for Very Rich People.

Meanwhile Tesla has kickstarted the Electrification Era for cars.

Also you can get supercar-worthy acceleration for just $50k. Read more

Tuesday 12:15PM

There’s a difference between remembering what a fuckwit he was/is and dwelling on it/refusing to let it go. I see a whole lot more dwelling than remembering going on. There’s also a whole lot of orange man bad hot takes about things that are either not his doing, or actually good things that run the risk of Read more

Monday 1:37PM

“I wanted to travel internationally, but then I realized that was still to close to goddamn Ohio. So I guess I have to go to space instead. It’s the only way I can be assured to not have to deal with anyone from .... wait a second ... this other astronaut is ALSO FROM FUCKING OHIO? I’m going for a (space) walk.”

Monday 12:57PM

I maintain that Ohio produces some of the most astronauts simply because there’s nothing better to do in Ohio than to get the hell out of Ohio and go as far away as humanly possible

Monday 12:50PM

I hate this ridiculous misconception that low income people on benefits can’t have anything even somewhat nice. There’s always someone claiming they don’t deserve it. People say it about smartphones, even though there’s loads of affordable payment plans and it’s hard to live life today without one. They say things Read more

6/11/21 7:30PM

If you go to Maui, rent from Kihei Rent a Car (.com)

I learbed about them years ago when I was going there 2 or 3 times a year. they rent used mini vans, Wrnaglers, and Sentras that are dinged, maybe a bit of rust or scratches. Used cars basically.
Why do you want this besides it’s cheaper? Because when you park at a Read more

6/11/21 1:37PM

I mean, sure, my SV650X isn’t on there either, but come on... Besides, generally speaking, the majority of bikes sit similarly within their class (Naked, Cruiser, Dual Sport, Touring, etc), and all the classes are represented on the site.

6/09/21 1:05PM

So this piece of shit almost killed a woman and her unborn child because she was speeding.
Read more

6/09/21 1:01PM

He was trying to pull her over at night, it’s not likely he would have known her race either way beforehand. Read more