Brandon Eg
Sep 13

I wonder if the smaller engines had anything to do with emissions/fuel efficiency and GM vehicles being allowed into Europe. I bet this was just Cadillac being cheap and building a base car for all markets that met worldwide standards (i.e. ‘California and Friends’, Europe, Eastern Asia and Canada). The more powerful Read more

May 4 2019

I now have the urge to find a single turbo straight 4 big block and swap it into one of these... Have like a lancer suv of sorts.

Mar 28 2019

*Spending more than $40k on an American vehicle- anyone else find that odd?

Mar 21 2019

I feel like I've seen one of those zo6's in a porno...

Dec 1 2018

My ‘legal’ R34 is doing fine. Just added climate control to its shipping container; my eclectic neighbors still think it’s a tool shed/tiny house... 😏