Sep 28

Unless I am much younger than I thought, Beast Wars didn't come out in 2006.

Sep 22

Ya, this is why I kinda rolled my eyes at some of the stories. There’s no excuse for toxic work culture or full on nastiness that has been reported. But there were a handful of people who were just like, “She barely even said hi!” or “She didn’t know my name!” She can’t be expected to be besties with everyone.

Sep 13

This is an argument I keep seeing that is starting to make me nuts. Just because they were too blind (and horrid) to understand the vile nature of how children in cages is frankly inhuman (the people who did that are frankly subhuman. You’d put a rabid dog down, part of me thinks that might be applicable here. And Read more

Sep 1

While I like Kate alot...her origin is far from interesting. She’s basically Batman: Rich girl who was assaulted who then trained a bunch. Read more

Aug 20

You misunderstood. I said ‘stop looking for color’. I never said I was blind to racism. I know it exists. But it does not permeate every facet of life. It must be awful for you. Btw, so we’re clear, I’m half black. Do not look white, please do not assume what either race’s privilege is. Being in the middle and seeing Read more

Aug 20

No it’s not bound to any “race” (I would challenge the use of that word, but that’s another topic), when a society make progress in its respect for the individual rights and human rights, everyone profit from it, even the disenfranchised, whatever group that is at that point.

Aug 20

Have I even once said or implied that “all is fixed”? I have clearly stated “It’s far from perfect, and there is sill a lot of work to do”. How much clear must someone be for others to not strawman what they meant? Read more

Aug 20

Well at least unlike most people screaming they live in a deeply racist society, I have lived for a sensible amount of time on 3 different continents, have come to know intimately cultures from Europe, Africa and the Middle-East, and have tried to cultivate myself about the other with as much an open-mind as I can Read more

Aug 20

And how would you know? Are ideas bound to a specific skin color?

Aug 20

Nazis were a specific group of people. And while that group has been inexorably linked with the *IDEOLOGY* they espoused, that ideology can and does exist apart from that group. Radical nationalism, racial-purity zealotry, etc, etc — they are not specifically a ‘white-only’ club. It’s just as problematic in the Middle Read more

Aug 13

Not me, I think its cool as hell because fuck Apple for their overly draconian app store policies that have kept far too many interesting titles off their store.  Epic is not in the wrong here at all, I look forward to seeing Apple get their asses handed to them.

Aug 7

Good. If trading with China was what let them keep their heads above water, then let them sink and slowly, agonizingly drown.

Aug 6

Damn you people for making me defend something Trump does or says ... but yeah—cut off Tencent root & branch, and let it die with any luck. So long as the CCP can hijack Chinese companies with impunity to advance its own purposes, those Chinese companies need to be ground into dust on the global market.

Jul 29

This is cool. I’m wondering about performance capabilities of this drone. Mars has a much, much thinner atmosphere than Earth so aerodynamically it has less force on it’s blades for lift, but Mars is also smaller than Earth so gravity is less, making the drone much lighter than it would be on Earth. Interesting stuff.

Jul 28

Pretty cool stuff, and I’m glad they’re testing. Flying probes would be really useful on Mars, but it’s a big challenge for any proposed system (helicopters, planes, airships, etc). 

Jul 28

This whole article wreaks of Elven privilege. While the elite and utterly safe elves enjoy their near eternal lives, and their enormous wealth, no doubt built on the backs of oppressed humans, orcs, dwarves, halflings, and all the intersectional variants thereof, the rest of the realm completely ignores the massive Read more

Jul 27

Have you played DnD? EVERYONE as the potential to cast spells in that game. So if the hypnosis and evil eyes are spells, and those spells are in everyone’s spell list, then no, it isn’t racist. Cliche a bit? Sure. But spells are just a thing that exist in DnD. There isn’t a stigma attached to it like IRL. The idea Read more

Jul 9

For now, I can say that while this certainly is not the return to the full-on RPG style for which fans of The Thousand-Year Door have been clamoring, neither does it seem to have the balance problems of the series’ other recent games. Has Nintendo finally cracked the formula? We’ll find out soon. Read more