I love you so fucking much, Shrayber. Thanks to you my winter break will consist entirely of an array of Kirkland Signature spirits (snuck into my Mom's cart while she and Daddy argue that no one needs that much pesto and she damn well better eat it all before it gets moldy this time) and cake on the couch with a pile Read more

Wet Blankets ARE fun... You just need to know how to get them juuuuuuust worked up enough to be amusing; but not so worked up that you end up having to launch Ativans into their screaming maw from across the room. Read more

I think you mean Schrödinger's scat, ;) Read more

Eeeeeeee. I can't wait for that villain except the thing that villain does to the person. I'm gonna shit a brick if the thing happens. Read more

I actually know why, but its a dumb reason. Read more

Also, where the FUCK is Morgan? We see him once and that's it? Read more

In re: where to find shampoo for Daryl's greasy locks. Um, probably with the magic genie that's giving the ladies of the show toiletries to shave their armpits on the regular. Strange how no one thinks to ask Magic Armpit Shaving Genie to help with the whole walker situation... Read more

As someone who reads the graphic novels I basically am waiting for one specific villain (the hospital is not in the novels), but I think I was most astonished by how little headway they'be actually made. At this point they have been travelling for months, but Atlanta is still a stone's throw away? Read more

I would also submit for evidence his absolutely anguished look at Carol being taken away. Norman Reedus just fucking slays it with his facial expressions. (Although I would very much like it if Daryl could please contrive to wash his hair at some point this season.) Read more

Hey all you Carol/Daryl shipping doubters! You know that part where Daryl is a perfect gentleman to Carol and kills the mom/child walkers that were entombed in the temporary housing for victims of domestic violence? THIS IS WHERE YOU CONCEDE DEFEAT AND LET IT HAPPEN. THEY'RE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL Read more

If any of you are looking for literary criticism on the Grimm tales, I recommend Maria Tatar's books, they're great. (I am a layperson FYI so I know its not as great as a rec from someone who has really really studied them.) Read more

This show has become really good at making you hate the villains and delivering satisfying deaths to them. I know it's popcorn, but watching that shitheel last night get owned by Beth and munched on by one of his victims was awesome. Read more

Wow I forgot about "Wait Till Helen Comes". Mary Downing Hahn was my shit for a few years, I think around middle school? Maybe it's time to reread a couple of her books. Read more

Missouri's AG announced today that he was giving up the fight against out of state Marriage Equality recognition. He said he realized that trying to attract big business to the state would be hampered by telling a company that their employee's marriages in one state would be invalid in his. Gotta love it when people Read more

Don't you hate that? I worked a similar job for many, many years. One of my former clients became kind of famous (He had a special show produced about him and his art work) and he loved to talk to people- about art, sports, the weather..whatever came to mind. Guy was hysterical but a little hard to understand Read more

Screw the family in the last story. They deserved a table by the dumpster. Had my children made fun of a person with special needs, I would have made them apologize. I then would have picked up the family's check and my children would have then had that money deducted out of their allowances until the balance was Read more

I've already devised a perfect set of guidelines for what should be taught in history classes. Read more

I actually do say I had a bad childhood. Because I did, and it was traumatic, and abuse survivors like me get huge benefit out of knowing there are others out there who went through something similar. I don't use it as an excuse for bad behavior — some people do, including some people who had genuinely bad childhoods. Read more

Better people have replied to you, to tell you that your comments are unhelpful, thoughtless, insensitive and somewhat damaging. Read more

Thanks for this. People with non-military PTSD already face enough stigma. We don't really need more. Read more