Jun 11 2016

The Japanese YouTube channel has put up official videos for them, complimented with fantastic music.

Sep 14 2015

Actually they’re all based on creatures from Norse mythology. Each form seems to represent a child of Loki. They also are involved in ragnarok, which actually leads to everything beginning anew, which leads to Zygarde being the order Pokemon.

Jun 23 2015

My choice would have been Asa Butterfield, but I do think Tom Holland looks like a young Peter Parker. Don’t know about acting ability, I haven’t seen any movie with him in it.

Feb 23 2015

Not immediately. You'll have to put it into the day care/Pokebank, then take it out again to register them.

Feb 4 2015

Yup. I can be a lot more creative when building my team in the lower tiers. NU is probably my favourite Singles tier.

Feb 4 2015

The reason I stopped playing OU was because 9/10 times that is the exact team you'll go up against. Maybe add Talonflame to the bunch. Read more

Jan 21 2015

Well, I'm there with you. I bet my friend that we'll get a trailer for one by the end of the year at least. Read more

Dec 18 2014

I did too, but once you get level 3 it's soooooo worth it. First time I got it about 5 minutes of the first battle with the o power was watching all of my Pokes level up.

Nov 18 2014

Is getting the mega stones similar to X and Y. Will he only be able to get them during 8pm and 9pm? Or are they giving out? Read more