Aug 13

“My City Is Upset And Told Me To Get Rid Of My 4,000 Hyundais In 2 Weeks!”

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Aug 13

I swear it’s been like every week lately that a car I like gets axed from the US market. I think the Elantra GT is an attractive little hatch. Tasteful, unpretentious, but not boring either. Feels like there aren’t many cars left that don’t look like they’re trying to be something they’re not. I’ve had it on my Read more

Aug 12

I am wondering if this is true for Canada as well, they are everywhere around here

Aug 12

The Kona? Oh the one with less cargo space AND it’s uglier?! Sign me up!”

Aug 12

That’s a bummer because it’s a really awesome car. Glad I picked mine up while I could.

Aug 12

It always amazes me how they can take pictures of Dodges without mechanics in the frame.

Aug 11

Thank you for writing this article. Without sunlight exposing the true cost of our cheap energy habit, we turn a blind eye to the unnecessary suffering of these local communities.  

Aug 10

Nice Price or Crack Pipe is not nearly as racist as No Dice. It’s well established that the most commonly played version of Dice is street craps and that’s an African American street game. Sure dice originated in greece and craps was institutionalized in Rome but here in the United States the game belongs to people Read more

Aug 6

Ford sold 3.2 million of these things, and somehow those customers don’t matter anymore. Let the Koreans have the sedan market. Ford doesn’t deserve them anymore. Read more

Aug 4

I cannot imagine owning a 1.2L crossover and not wanting to drive off the nearest bridge.

Jul 31

Anything can be pushed past its breaking point.

Jul 28

Never replace a vehicle until maintenance is higher than vehicle monthly payments 

Jul 20

I look at this and wonder if China is capable of producing anything original that LOOKS remotely close to what they’re pirating.

Seriously, China and their tinpot dictator Xi can go to hell.

Jul 17

I do not watch the program either, but my perception is that the majority of her audience are white cis gendered, middle aged women. Granted this is the audience they are shooting for during the daytime, but I don’t know a single gay person, including myself, that watch her, which ought to be her built in viewers. On Read more