Sep 17

Makes sense. Only another asshole would have put up with marriage to DJT.

Sep 15

Never underestimate just how much of a fucking idiot Matt Gaetz is.

Sep 11

And the slight derivation from the norm is enough to send people like my father screaming that he’s actual a demon. Truthfully - they believe he’s evil.

What’s funny is they still love Cardinal Ratzinger, who actually covered up child molestation, while also claiming to be adherents to Q. It’s bonkers.

Sep 10

She is 87, has had cancer multiple times, and lost her husband a few years back. If Biden wins, I hope she resigns at the inauguration with fingers in the air for outlasting the fuckery.  

Sep 3

From the medium post “Another nemesis is Rachel Maddow because my girlfriend loves to watch The Rachel Maddow Show and I don’t believe in cable news and she thinks Maddow is cute and at night, I sit in bed, arms crossed over my chest, as she pays keen attention to Maddow’s endless deconstruction of whatever the Trump Read more

Sep 3

Seconded Jemisin - I tore through the Broken Earth trilogy this summer when I just needed some great escape, and it’s fucking lovely.

Aug 31

That’s the thing that gets me - Adele always seemed so comfortable and sure of herself. Those eyes seem different. Of course, she’s gone through some shit the past few years too, but it’s sad. 

Aug 21

To be honest, I think a part of the issue is that we had 8 years of Barack Obama giving speeches, and he possesses extraordinary oratory abilities. Having him speak alongside people I admire like Harris and Warren made it just how apparent how gifted he is. That being said, Joe Biden gave a great speech. He’s very Read more

Aug 20

He can pick up his shit and move the fuck away from me. What a ratfuck.

Aug 20

Oh hahahha no. Pence is old oatmeal in a bowl. Trump is, evilly, charismatic. If he died then they’d be left with a boring husk of a man who has largely been sidelined because no one cares about him. That does not inspire anyone to get out and vote.

Aug 19

It’s funny how everyone seems to be pressed about her slot except for her. Standard convention protocol is suddenly an insult because reasons. I very much enjoy AOC and firmly believe she’s something special in American politics, and I hope to be able to vote for her down the line. But, she’s a first term Read more

Aug 18

I think she’s one of the twins? Either Estere or Stella.

Aug 18

It’s perfect.
If people got Maggie Rogers being wistful in white on the rocks of Maine, we queer people deserve Billy doing camp with just a touch of acid.

Aug 18

My father is very smart and slightly askew and has gone from being a relatively sane PBS watching moderate to full-throated conspiracy nutbag who sits up at 3am watching youtube videos and reading 4chan. Read more

Aug 18

Thank you for reminding me why I left Facebook, and do not miss it. Read more

Aug 17

Really? That crown has been Taylor Swift’s for a decade. Endless albums, music videos, and what not devoted to the death of love because a three month relationship ended. Read more

Aug 14

Every Britney video makes me extremely uncomfortable. 

Aug 13

Did it turn sexual at all? Because “Hey we spoke at the same event and we’re connecting around political involvement” is a thing that happens on Tinder too? I’ve made friendships off dating apps - it’s not like they met through Recon.

Aug 13

This is sad - in their letter, the writer says they assumed a divorce would be their father leaving because of poor treatment on the part of their mother and that he was an attentive and loving partner. I’ve been the one who gives and gives and gets nothing back. It’s exhausting and dehumanizing. And yes, he could Read more