Baron Von Homunculus
Apr 15 2016

“The weird racial subtext of the story of apes who want the human secret of fire (i.e., technology) is still there”

Apr 13 2016

Miller’s response was much better than that of the Tennessee mother who, on seeing the picture, claimed Newton got her wet.

Apr 12 2016

I don’t know about SF, but here’s a solution to the housing crisis in NYC: Stop allowing the reverse-squatting practice where people in other countries are buying up Manhattan apartments left and right, treating them like an investment asset instead of a home, and living in them at most a month per year.

Apr 1 2016

I hate to be the person that has to correct you, but the Masters is a golf tournament.

Apr 1 2016

You have to take the baton game very seriously. Wear fine linens, neatly pressed, and sit in the crowd quietly. When you feel an emotion, whisper it into a leather wallet and then keep the wallet safe inside another larger wallet. At the end of the match, after the baton competitors shake hands and exchange LinkedIn Read more

Mar 25 2016

Not to put too fine a point on it, but in my (thankfully not current) experience being broke and terrified also is not always lots of exciting fun!

Mar 23 2016

Here’s why empathy can be a bad thing. Empathy is why people want me to see a doctor when I tell them that the recipe guy from the Hulk Hogan Sex Video site is a deeper and more critical thinker than Yale psychology and cognitive science professor Paul Bloom.

Mar 21 2016

I don’t remember if this was the actual page (without the autographs), but the rest of image stands as my favorite.