Dec 16 2015

It’s almost as if the entire Star Wars series is based on traditional story tropes and archetypes that are hundreds if not thousands of years old. Who would have thought!

May 12 2015

I made an essay for a friend i had online, he was asking for someont to do the essay for him and in return he would give whoever made it a game, i asked if witcher 3 was okay, he was cool with it. I made the essay and he got like 90/95 i think. Now i’m loaded and ready for some witching, he a cool guy.

May 6 2015

It’s all just rock-paper-scissors people! If your opponent always chooses rock and you can’t switch from scissors to paper, there’s something wrong with you!

Mar 11 2015

It was outstandingly the music for me. If I hear the ticking of the clock from the intro my mind spirals into memories of the game. Everything about not only the soundtrack but the general sound effects really made it one of the best of all time.

Mar 10 2015

What about for our friends in India? Is there a setting for allowing drivers to drive on whatever side of the road they damn well please?

Feb 9 2015

I want to be frustrated with your post, but I know you're only posting the obligatory "I don't understand glitch runs" or "I don't understand speed runs" post that accompanies each one of these posts because this is your role...your destiny even! There has to be one for each didn't make that rule...the Read more

Dec 14 2014

Must be hard to be the only fat kid in North Korea

Sep 5 2014

No Final Fantasy VI? Still the best credits and game ending that I've ever played.

Jul 28 2014

Okay here's my thing: This trailer shows a lot of action, but the one thing that makes it cool/remarkable is the song from Return of the King, aka The Most Emotionally Devastating Depiction of Sloppy Tomato-Eating In Cinematic History. Read more

Mar 23 2012

Aye. Target Renegade was its proper title, and just after I wrote the last message here, I got completely hooked on the C=64 title track made by some Gary Biasillo. Splendid fun.