Jul 7 2017

lol... I can just imagine the security staff pointing at the flaming battery and saying “See?! THAT’S why we don’t let you take that on the plane!”

Jul 6 2017

So Carl Edwards this is what you’re doing in retirement? Surfing Jalop.

Jul 6 2017

TONIGHT! on Houses VS Cars! Our reigning champion the 19th century brick Colonial takes on a McLaren 570S, one of the most technologically modern sports cars on the road! We’ll talk to the challenger right after this break. <<cue music>>

Jul 5 2017

People are talking about that whole voice cast, like Kevin Conroy (and fair enough, I consider him to be the definitive Batman as well,) but we are all overlooking the single most important person in the room: the one responsible for all of the rest in that room and the rest of the DCAU, Andrea Romano. The one

Jul 3 2017

THANK YOU. I too was a detailer and the holographic paint was driving me INSANE. Get some compound and polish STAT.

Jun 6 2017

He’s lucky he wasn’t arrested on suspicion of trunk driving.

Apr 6 2017

I literally came here just to post that. The crew will attack the ship with hot rodded amphibious cars, one of which will have a Charger bodyshell inexplicably draped over it. Once on board they’ll have to drag race the other tanker ship to make it through the Panama Canal first. They have to get to LA within some Read more

Apr 6 2017

In a plot twist, Johnny Depp (as Capt, Jack Sparrow VII) steals the ship while they are racing up the deck and drunk crashes in into an off shore oil rig and there is a fireball that puts Michael Bay to shame.

Apr 6 2017

Don’t forget jumping from ship to ship. And Tyrese accidentally jumps a tanker over an island and ejecto seatos, cuz - before it explodes. 

Apr 6 2017

Is this the plot to the next Fast and Furious movie? Dom and crew turn into pirates and hijack the ships to prevent them from falling into enemy hands, then The Rock shows up for no reason and they drive cars from end to end at WOT, but it still takes 37 minutes?

Apr 6 2017

Scary thing: before unleaded fuel was mandated (I was very young), I remember fuel smelling “sweet”. I loved the smell. Good thing they changed that by the time I was six, or I’d be a drooling idiot from sniffing all the lead. Read more

Apr 6 2017

Strangely enough, Volt. The concept was awkward and goofy. And while the first gen volt was a rattle box and not particularly exotic looking, it’s not a terribly designed little compact.

Apr 5 2017

Key engineering challenge: design a sports car which is simultaneously subject to terminal oversteer AND understeer.

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Apr 3 2017

Bentley is just ahead of the self driving car curve.

Mar 31 2017

When we were in Afghan, during the 7+ months, about 4 CH53's went down, 1 CH47, and shockingly zero Osprey. All the Heli’s went down to mechanical except one which decided to catch an RPG on the tail. My opinion of the Osprey really changed out there. They are decent Heli’s just hard as hell to fly as I’ve been Read more