the actual bajmahal
3:15 PM

Testing. 1. 2. 3... Kinja won't let me post to jez, so I'm just testing the system. I happy that Backtalk is still here by the way... but y'all can just ignore this post because I'm just running a test.

7:13 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen: an autumnal veiw of the Beeootiful Trump Memorial Plaza on the National Mall. (not to scale)

2:04 PM

I have a question. I notice that all sorts of people seem to have blogs here on kinja. I would like to join the fun. How, please?

5:22 PM

This is just a test. I tried to post this video on the main page (in the panda sex post) but kinja's not letting me post video — I can comment, but that's it. Is it possible that I've been partially, semi-banned? My videos aren't that bad... really.

1:03 AM

This was actually from a few weeks ago. I was going to post it to BackTalk then, but there was already a dream post at the top of the scroll – and since dreams weren't actually that week's theme, I thought that two posted dreams in a row would be a bit much. Plus, I felt that it would look like I was trying to one Read more