Jul 28 2015

YOU MEAN THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD. dude that show is so fucking good. everyone should be watching it.

Jul 1 2015

They responded by email and might have called but I didn’t really want anything to do with it after that point. They’re such a big corporation who knows if it was even looked into but it made me feel better at least

Jun 14 2015

Fucking lamb chops. I made my new-ish boyfriend whom I may love lamb chops.

Jun 3 2015

I say the best way to deal with the Hanks kid is to first off, ignore him completely. When that fails and you have to mention him, ALWAYS refer to him by his real name, Chester. I bet he HATES that name. From here on out, let’s all please call him Chester.

Apr 11 2015

Some organizations force therapists to do concurrent notes (which can be distracting-it's hard to give full focus on the client while you're typing on a computer) but most give the therapist the ten minutes after your 45-50 minute session to type the note.

Apr 4 2015

Holy shit does sexual frustration make us glow?!? I should buy each of my 30 cats a sleep mask

Apr 4 2015

Hey now, men are just designed by nature to fixate on big boobs. It's like science or something.