You don’t need NFTs or blockchain to run a closed market for skins or whatever.  Read more

Will never not enjoy seeing this Read more

the voice acting was so bad it was good, i remember getting excited for the next horrid cutscene Read more

I’ve seen better line reads at a kindergarten play.  Read more

I didn’t “misunderstand” at all. I replied based on what you said in your original comment which was very basic. Read more

Lol, Jesus tapdancing christ. I forgot all about this. It’s like they said, “one read, one-take, done.” Read more

Its the percentage not total. Specially since a lot of the overwatch ones are just review bombs Read more

Heck, I still remember when it was called “The Facebook.” Read more

As always, his ego cannot comprehend that no one likes him. He’s been wrecking everything he touches for years. He just had enough people around him that cared that he couldn’t fire.

He is a grifter, a charlatan, and has ruined one of the most vibrant online communities just to stoke his own ego. The irony is that it’s Read more

Fucking braindead take, these toxic kids are far more likely to have been the bullies. Read more

This wasn’t even the worst part. Read more

Thats not a PS Slim... Thats a PS Fat... Read more

Gotta change the name of the ‘impossible’ mode to ‘improbable’ now. Read more

This is literally the first I’ve heard of this. Source? Read more