May 14
Laptop-lopnik opinion

Would you rather have an 8th-gen i7 with a MX150 GPU or a new Ice Lake 10th gen i7 with latest Iris Plus integrated

Jan 19
Inbound: 2020 XT5 Sport

So, after some car shopping, my better half and I decided to get a new Cadillac XT5 Sport to replace her current

Jan 6
Thoughts on Macan

Hey Opponauts, what do you think of the Macan? Is it a real-deal Porsche or a badge engineered hopped up CUV for

Nov 26
1500 diesel trucks

What’s your take on the state of diesel power for half-ton trucks? I’m looking specifically at the new GM 3.0 liter

Oct 2
5.3 > 6.2?

I’ve been casually looking at the new Sierra AT4 trucks. I like the AT4 package and overall seems like a very nice

Aug 29 2019
Manual-only cars

It once was a requirement for a true performance car, now it’s a brave decision for a manufacturer to make a car

Jul 20 2019
That's an Opel (Buick)?

I convinced my parents to trade their old CUV for a leftover new 2018 TourX. They got a smoking good deal and I have

May 15 2019
We need more 2-door SUVs

Seems like there would be good interest in a ‘personal’ SUV that has a usable back seat but only two doors.

Apr 24 2019
I want a real new Syclone

All the talk around the ‘new’ Syclone got me thinking - why doesn’t GM really make one? Turbo, not supercharged. They

Mar 5 2019
Phonelopnik - S10+ inbound

Just ordered a Galaxy S10+ in ceramic black through work and got a killer deal. My current S7 edge is beginning to