Aya, Almost Has A Cosmo With Toyota Engine Owned by a BMW.

Raphael, i suggest you watch the Top Gear Review of CL65 AMG from many moons ago. Read more

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Easy. You know an airport is bad when there’s even barely a runway there, like those in papua:

LFA Concept?

I tought Jezza still owns a CLK black? Read more

That's why it's called "cock-pit" Read more

He's the Bad Luck brian of Formula E. Read more

Am i the only one that finds Formula E entertaining? Read more

Hey, Indonesia has them too :D

Well, this should be tagged NSFW.

I want Cookies. Now.

I recommend you to watch the full show since they did get into privyat, and drives to the broken reactor. Read more

Reminds me of this:

Damn, that's older than i thought! Read more

It's not really a first targa. He done a 930 Targa first here in Indonesia. Read more