Feb 8 2019

Not looking for a Monopoly. The exact opposite, in fact. All PC games should be released on as many platforms as possible (outside of 1st Party Games, EA Games on Origin for example).

I’m pissed that Epic are paying to try and get an edge over Valve and bringing 3rd Party Storefront exclusives to PC while they are at Read more

Jan 9 2019

Because they are skill-less, gutless wimps with an ego. Pathetic and the entire gaming-world is better off without them.

Nov 30 2018

“Feel the ever-living fuck out of your feels, my dude”

This is some of the best advice a person can possibly give another person. Couldn’t agree more. <3 

Nov 14 2018

Okay, so my take away from this is that it isn’t the “engine” that’s at fault, but rather Bethesda as a development team.
The “engine” isn’t holding it back, so it must be the developers and design choices.

So, you’re saying “don’t blame the engine, blame the devs”?

I can’t see what else you could be getting at tbh, Read more

Apr 30 2018

“These moments just don’t happen in GTA Online”

Yeah, they do. Granted, less often but they DO happen, a lot.

Source: I have nearly 2000 hours on GTAV, all bar around 8 of those on GTA Online, and I play in public lobbies most of the time.

Feb 7 2018

The Famicom was really gross looking. Surely you want the PAL SNES colours, including the quad-coloured face buttons.

“if you choose anything other than the original Super Nintendo or Super Famicom color schemes, you’re a monster” lmfao.

You’re dreaming, mate.  

Jan 11 2018

He’s the President of the USA. Details such as this are things he should NOT be getting wrong, least of all when publicly announcing them to the world.
It’s sloppy, unprofessional and typical of his entire administration thus far.

Half-assed work, yet again, from Mr Trump.

Oct 2 2013

Initially asking for $900,000, the project closed earlier today with $3,845,170 pledged. Toss in nearly $200,000 in Paypal donations and we're looking at over $4 million raised, a phenomenal amount. That doesn't just make it one of the biggest crowd-sourced games of all time, it makes it one of the biggest Read more