Jul 1

I just spent some time looking for this exact truck. In my neck of the heavily salted woods $6k buys you a truck that’s been lightened over the fenders and cab corners by rust. This is a damn good price on a truck without any holes, and a drivetrain that just won’t quit.

Jul 1

Clean, rust free, straight six, manual. Extraneous electronic BS: none.  4x4 and long bed.  This truck is for people who need it to work without drama forever, and it will.  Hell, it already has and is squared up to do it some more. Read more

Jun 30

lots of people with more money than sense... even if you’re unemployed it doesn’t mean you don’t have money

Jun 26

It was razorbeamteam who discovered it and posted about it on Oppositelock. I asked him where it was located, and it happened to be at the junkyard that is by far the closest one to my home. I had to go see it.  This is actually how I spent the afternoon of my birthday :) Read more

Jun 22

The van driver should have pulled over on his own Accord. Now he’ll going to get a Civic lesson on hit and runs. Hopefully the punishment Fits the crime and he goes on an Odyssey to his local penitentiary.

Jun 22

It’s the left turn signal as he makes his way to the shoulder/exit on the right that really makes the video for me .

Jun 22

This! I have 225k 99 XJ which is known for the bullet proof 4.0l. Sure the motor and tranny have been bullet proof. But i’m always doing things here and there, In the last few years I’ve done radiator, heater core, evap, alternator, starter, cracked exhaust manifold, valve cover gasket, oil pressure switch etc, not Read more

Jun 22

We had a V10 Ford Excursion that we bought new and put 200,000 miles on before selling it. Highway MPG was 12-14, and city was 7-9. But we loved that thing— it was a massive and comfortable vehicle

Jun 22

IIRC these are too heavy to have actually gotten EPA gas mileage estimates.   From the one person I knew that had a gasser, it was “on the wrong side of 7".

Jun 17

Now drive them back to back. The G30 is boring to drive, especially as a 520d. It's a sterile luxury boat without driver involvement. This E34 is very different. Read more

Jun 16

I can’t exactly say why, but the image of Jason “barreling” around his neighborhood in his tiny Freeman blasting “Jolene” fills me with joy. I don’t think that’s a sight that anyone could have invented for fear of being called too far-fetched.

As to the range itself - not bad. However, as someone that pushed around a Read more

Jun 13

A fairly large portion of on-road idiocy seems to be performed by drivers of late-model Jeeps. Whenever I’m being tailgated: Jeep. Illegally passed: Jeep. Something about the combo of being high up and having horsepower seems to make them think they are sports cars. They are not.

Jun 13

I’m still pissed at the shithead driving the white Jeep who deliberately swerved to hit a turtle last summer. Luckily, the turtle was only stunned and after a while continued on its way.