Apr 13

I have to say that that Lightning is the ugliest model year for it. It just looks boring to me. Read more

Apr 12

EV conversions are typically the worst. This is because it usually means ruining an awesome gasoline powered car. In this case however, taking a car like the Pony that was a turd filled rolling penalty box and converting it to electric propulsion is awesome.

Mar 26

Buying an old-ass vehicle to haul home another old-ass vehicle you just bought . . . .

Mar 25

You dont have balls unless your a rolling coal man. Wtf? Is this a thought process that exists in the minds of these people? What does filling the air with black soot for no reason have to do with balls? Someone please explain this because I just dont get it. 

Mar 24

So it drew a dick, then got stuck in the mouth of the Suez and there aren’t enough seamen with enough thrust to push it out. And the longer it’s in there, the more screwed we are...

Mar 16

because cocaine! What I really want to know is if he was also bumpin eurobeat or some kind of techno while bumpin that cocaine in his m2. 

Mar 14

Shhh, now everyone knows that you have gold coins buried in your backyard.

Mar 14

If you want to point to a religion that literally everyone believes in, it’s money. And “money” refers to fiat currency—money we state that has a certain value we agree upon for transactions involving goods and services. So you go into a Chevy dealership with a stack of $100 bills, mere paper with no intrinsic value, Read more

Mar 11

Torch nails it, and hard. Replace the Roadmaster’s camshaft, cylinder heads, and dreadful OptiSpark ignition, throw on a TVS 2300 blower, and be the coolest orca in a sea of tedious tuna.

Mar 9

you don’t have to surrender the title when it’s totaled. I paid a really modest fee (I think it was something like $230), retained the original title Read more

Feb 23

That is a confusingly written sentence. I had to read it a few times before getting that she missed seeing the school bus.

Feb 19

Does kinja have any way to block users? There are some people who must live here who add their (sometimes inane) hot takes on every single article, and I’m just not really interested in seeing them anymore.

Feb 18

People are too stupid to save themselves, is the issue. Look at how many folks complain about the wealth gap, yet will ignore their local businesses to order stuff from Amazon, or skip over their local greengrocer to shop at Walmart. Read more