I had a 2015 Ford C-Max hybrid that had lap vents for driver and passenger. Was pretty nice to cool the....bits...on longer journeys! Read more

How long until they start serving ads to that thing? RAID SHADOW LEDGONDS!!1! Read more

Is it the case that you only benefit if you itemize your return? Read more

I convinced myself to buy a Guilia because it would probably be my only chance to own an Alfa in North America and I love the badge. Welp....CarMax doesn't carry the brand and I wouldn't want to buy it without a really solid warranty. Problem is....when I was at CarMax and found out they don't carry Alfa, they had a Read more

I like your style, I think I will join in on the Truthing. Read more

As I type this on my OnePlus 8 Pro, I know this will be the last OnePlus. Started with a 1, then 3, then 5. The 5 was excellent and when I went to the 8 Pro I had a very hard time giving up the 5. So I traded the 5 to OnePlus for 70 dollars this year for a 8 Pro and OnePlus stiffed me on the trade in. Tried to adjust Read more

Ah...the herpes of cars, they just won't go away for good. Read more

The car that made me catch the performance bug was a 2020 Mini Cooper S auto loaner car. I was really impressed with how fun and snappy it was. Plus the paddle shifters made the while experience even better while the engine is a riot of fun sounds. Give one of those a test drive! After driving that I went and got a... Read more

6 episodes to end The Expanse? Anyone else smell Game of Thrones? Read more

I have a soft top 2016 ND Miata Grand Touring as my daily driver. Ceramic metallic. Put 12k miles on it so far this year. Taking it a little easy on the freeway I get around 43 mpg. I mostly take back roads to get to work instead of i5 and play a little so really im getting more like 35-37 mpg. All day long roads Read more

I actually intend to cancel my HBO Max after today when I finish Tenent. The app really is terrible, watching the first half of the movie it crashed twice on my ipad and had a couple audio desync's as well. Sometimes it just takes forever to go back in a video and it is easier to close to app and restart the video. Read more

OnePlus used to be a compelling brand but now they are just another also me company. Plus check out their reputation for after sales service, absolutely horrendous. Shiny on the outside, slowly rotting on the inside... Read more

I got this for my 8 yo Pokefreak and she played for....an hour or two over a couple weeks and it has remained untouched since. I tried it, wow what a snooze. The same thing over and over and over again. When the grinding repetition is apparent within 10 minutes of play, that is a fail. Good thing I got a physical copy Read more

I daily an ND MX-5, it calls for premium so that's what it gets. Top tier as well to keep it running clean. Read more

I tried to go veg several years ago. My gut would not take. I spent 6 months sitting on the throne, clenching a pink bottle trying to avoid the brown rain. It didn’t work. About 3-4 months in I was starting to sneak pepperoni sticks in with lunch and found for that meal I would not be running to the bathroom an hour Read more

The Urkel 'did I do that?" joke that kept going on and on and on. That is were the wife and I stopped watching. Painfully cringe...I am embarrassed for everyone who had to watch that go down in person. Read more

I gave in last December because life is short and I didn’t want to regret never having a drivers car. I daily this, my commute is 88 miles for work. Can't wait for warmer weather here in Western Washington. My caffeine consumption has gone way down and I feel better about a lot of things.

In the book the stakes were much higher. 200+ million dead. Made it believable that Earth was screwed. A few million dead in the show? That doesn’t kill a planet. When the Mars nuke hit South America there were 1.9 million dead. Granted there will be a lot of crap happening in the aftermath, but I just dont buy it Read more

Couldn’t resist getting a lightly used manual ND1 MX-5 a couple weeks ago. My commute to work is oh so much better for it. Medicine for the soul. Read more

I have problems with plantar fasciitis and have found Currex Runpro insoles to be my saving grace for walking or standing around. I used to have to go to the hospital or spend a few days off my feet about 4-5 times a year. Sometimes while walking it felt like things in my arch were tearing with each step. I tried all

I have problems with plantar fasciitis and have found Currex Runpro insoles to be my saving grace for walking or