damsel in distress

I would like to see a picture of the dog as well. Please do this this every week and show us the pic, as part of our collective after care. Read more

That's Gaby Hoffman's sister in real life! And she is a real yoga teacher. Read more

Fun fact- not sure if this was mentioned already, but the woman playing the yoga teacher at the day rave is Gaby Hoffman's sister in real life. And the sister is an actual quite prominent yoga teacher in NY. Read more

I just really really hope so. Read more

Just wanted to stop by here and say I am very upset about the cat. Read more

If anything in the entire universe deserves an A+ this would be it. Read more

I was totally saying that out loud as well. Read more

I agree. I thought this was one of the best episodes of Girls ever, and deserved way better than a B. I loved the retreat stuff, even though some of it was a tad exaggerated. The women of different ages at dinner talking about their experiences was a stand out scene. Another hilarious line- "Are you the yoga teacher?" Read more

Yep- Rochester checking in here, we said soda. Read more

Yes, you should be able to get it if you have the basic channels! Read more

Also, I'd like to add that the music towards the end of the episode gave me a strange crossover feeling of watching The Leftovers. Was totally bizarre. Read more

I use to canvass for an environmental organization. I was 22 years old. I was a cute college student and made decent money at it, people trusted me. Where was I that day? Canvassing in Orchard park, a suburb of Buffalo. Yep, Buffalo. No one came to the door. Made no money that day… But, I did end up watching the chase Read more

Right. He shot a bird. So it was definitely the same cop. Read more

My boyfriend totally laughs at me when I get mad. Am I in trouble?? Read more

Yes, to your first point, what the fuck happened to those people? Read more

Actually, the consensus seems to be no one really liked that hang around the place too long scenario… Yet the endless wandering around doesn't seem to work either. What to do… Read more

When? I don't remember seeing her at all. Good to know she's still around. Yes, she is gay as was the girl she use to like who died at the governor/prison showdown. Read more