Thatches Moynihan
Aug 9

What the hell happened on that album? The songs are really plodding, and you don’t even get a full-on Kim scream until track 9.  Thankfully they turned it around a bit on the next few records.

Apr 20 2018

Crow-soundtracky-music isn’t really my bag, but I liked “Time Baby III” by Medicine. Which led me to discover “Time Baby II,” which is a glorious noisy mess of a song and definitely my bag. Which led me to go see Medicine live, which led me to fall in love with Beth Thompson forever.

Nov 30 2017

Did I mention the Holocaust? I know, I know, the Holocaust. But the Holocaust was a really big deal!

Nov 3 2017

Lone Justice performing “Working Late” on some MTV NYE show in the late ‘80s. Maria McKee just rips it up, all while wearing the dorkiest dress you’ve ever seen.

Aug 25 2017

I’m in the same boat, and have been keeping an eye out for said instructions. So far, nothin’.

Mar 9 2017

OK, how about this: for every redesign you give us back one old feature we liked. I vote for the return of made-up-on-the-spot user names.

Feb 29 2016

There was a Kill Rock Stars/Lookout! compilation from the mid-90s called "A Slice of Lemon" that had a hidden track. Couldn't tell you who it is or what it's called… sounds like maybe a bunch of people from various bands on the comp and they yell "Fuck the motherfuckin' president" a lot. Anyone know the story on Read more

Dec 2 2013

Kim WAS the guitarist. She used to get into punch-ups with the bassist. Actually, Melanie Vammen played guitar too when they used to be a four-piece, and Kim didn't like her much either, now that I think about it. Read more

Oct 17 2013

Another big clue that maybe this Rory's First Kiss thing was a sham was that the motherfucking Batmobile was parked on LaSalle Street for about a week.

Oct 7 2013

It was a typo in the script that Macy read as-is (as-was?), and Anderson decided to keep it for exactly the reason you gave.

Oct 4 2013

What are you talking about, they're double live gonzo, intensity in ten cities, live at Budokan!