7/17/18 9:59AM

I would disagree. I saw a layer of callowness in Paul until his escape through the Dune desert with Jessica, and I like the look of this Chalamet kid for the role. I never cared very much for the casting of Dune - silly to put Patrick Stewart in as Halleck’s ‘ugly lump of a man,’ Duke Leto’s actor did not capture the f Read more

7/17/18 4:51AM

Counterpoint: The film was almost entirely miscast (Patrick Stewart is many things, but Gurney Halleck is not one of them), the only exception being Francesca Annis as Jessica.

7/16/18 7:10PM

I’d also like to express my disdain for the unrefined qualities and ubiquity of that particular granular material.

7/16/18 5:56PM

I don’t know, Paul looked too old and Jessica way too young to be his mother. 

7/09/18 11:16PM

Boy I really want to live in the sweet land of milk and honey that is the universe where this is actually the worst tweet ever.

6/25/18 9:59PM

Ninja Sex Party is a comedy band starring Daniel “Danny Sexbang” Avidan and Brian “Ninja Brian” Wecht (who is an actual, legitimate physicist) where they sing about whatever, but typically boning.

6/25/18 4:41PM

I have the exact opposite experience with the whole thing. As I get older and it gets harder to play every game I want to play (especially nowadays, when approximately fifty-’leven games are released every three seconds), I find myself increasingly drawn to watching some charismatic personalities do the gruntwork for Read more

6/25/18 4:28PM

I started watching them after I heard that they published the Dream Daddy game, which didn’t really chime at all with my perception of them. Read more

6/25/18 4:13PM

It’s basically hanging out with your friends while they play videogames and you all make dumb comments, in serialized video form. I used to do that with my friends all the time, so it hardly seems weird to me, and I’m not really a youth, in the sense that I’m 40.

6/25/18 3:39PM

This, plus everything I see of them they really seem like genuine nice, positive people, which is a nice change of pace from the seething cynics that the genre seems to proliferate.

6/25/18 3:28PM

I honestly don’t like a lot of the gaming Youtubers, but Game Grumps are pretty consistently funny. It helps that they actually have improv training. Read more

6/23/18 4:36PM

Goddammit you guys, I know this is supposed to be satire, but it’s too goddamn close to reality to be funny!

6/22/18 1:17PM

Me find it very frustrating that science knows about telomerase, and kind of dangles that idea in front of us, but me not can use it to live to be 500 years old. Think about how many cookies me could eat if me lived that long!!!