I believe the point is that if the the zombies are clearly fenced in then why throw a molotov into a car and cut the fence when it would be easier just to go around them - which also would in real life create a lot of smoke and alert the Savioirs that someone was out causing mischief? I have never seen a car on fire Read more

This will be the last season I watch. Read more

Sounds like you're the troll and the one who needs to seek help. Read more

Did we actually see 2-3 zombies tonight? Sometimes I forget with all the worthless dialogue and terrible acting that this show takes place during a time when zombies are a threat. Did the show run out of money for special effects now? Read more

Even a slower filler episode of The Americans is better than any TWD season premiere or finale. Read more

Brooke's dishes were really boring and bland. I guess if you like McDonald's you'd like Brooke's consistently boring dishes throughout the season. Read more

It was clear that Brooke got lots of help to become the so-called winner. Read more

It was a set up from the beginning. Nothing but a scam season with rookies thrown in to help Brooke win. Read more

The only way Brooke won was because the judges stacked it in her favor. Wouldn't surprise me if Tom got him some later that night considering how much he was obviously slobbering after her. Read more

Tuesday's gray or Wednesday's too… Read more

I guess it could go either way. Little point to being armed if you are just going to fold like a cheap lawn chair and hand over your weapons to a group of thugs who just asks for them. Read more

Yeah, the Glennisms are getting old. First the faked out death of Rick last episode and now that. Read more

There's no more thought put into the story, acting, or lines at this point. Read more

A compelling story? That died several seasons ago. They are just milking crap episodes because they can. Read more

Well it's only 30 minutes so it's really like 5 seasons of Walking Dead. Read more

Better to die free than die a slave. Read more

You forgot the kid as part of the bargain. Read more

This is going downhill faster than Big Bang Theory. It's a race to the bottom! Read more