8/09/15 10:55AM

As another commenter said awhile back, I’m team P!nk. She’s involved in none of this idiocy.

8/09/15 10:49AM

Oh no. Bracing myself for Taylor’s response, which will be one part perpetual victimhood, one part martyrdom, and one part girl power.

8/07/15 7:21PM

As long as folks keep in mind that WOC are victimized directly by the police as well as indirectly, which for some reason we can’t seem to do very well.

8/07/15 7:15PM

To be clear - there’s a huge difference in the way white women & WOC are treated by cops.

8/04/15 11:58AM

Meh. She had contacts & friends in the film world long before she went into acting. It’s how she got the audition for Enough Said, I read. Doesn’t really matter, she’s a competent actress, but still. * kanye shrug*

8/04/15 10:16AM

has been cast in Scream Queens as Feather

8/03/15 12:52AM

It’s too bad the most high profile Trans-spokesperson on television right now is such a self-absorbed narcissist, and lives in such a privileged bubble. She has had struggles I’ll never understand as a CIS male. But she will also never understand the struggles of trans-persons without the millions of dollars to make a Read more

8/03/15 12:13AM

The whole incident is still under investigation so she can’t talk about it. I still can’t seem to understand exactly what happened, but it is a little hard for me to fully support Caitlyn after such a horrible accident, and the way she has stood by as her youngest daughter basically runs around with tons of plastic Read more

8/02/15 11:44PM

“More minor problems she faces after her transition — namely, what sort of bathing suit to wear.” Read more

8/02/15 11:38PM

Here is Kim Howe, the woman Caitlyn Jenner killed with her reckless driving just six months ago.

8/02/15 11:32PM

riveting stuff. look forward to the thought piece nvc has already begun drafting.

8/01/15 6:26PM

Surprise, surprise... America proving once again that it’s not ready to be counted among the more civilised countries of the world.

7/31/15 3:49PM

To have that kind of choice over your diet is a privilege, full stop.

7/31/15 3:38PM

You may be a vegan but your pets are certainly not. You can assuage this ethical dilemma by not getting a carnivorous pet. Read more