Orchestrated bot reporting and hashtag boosting. Read more

Which is too bad, because as a dual Canadian/US citizen, I sure saw a lot of bullshit I could have reported. Read more

This option was never available in Canada, even under Jack.  I think it’s a US-only thing. Read more

No thank you to all of them. Read more

I’m a huge Barbara Crampton fan, so I’m super-excited.  I’m also really curious to see Heather Graham in this - it’s not her usual fare. Read more

We get to see the PNW premiere of “Suitable Flesh” at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland in two weeks.  I can’t wait. Read more

Include the sisters in that, too. Read more

I avoid Tom Cruise movies as much as I can.  I think there’s three of his I like. Read more

I like Snyder’s non-DC stuff a lot, so I will give this a watch. Read more

Now do Intellivision.  My brother still has all our old games. Read more

We’ll agree to disagree, then. Read more

No. That’s not going to work. Read more

Ironically, the least-dangerous thing in that mix is the diclofenac, the prescription drug. Read more

“La da da di da da da daaaaaa...” Read more

I’ve been far too interesting to too many doctors too many times. Read more

Eh, I’m not so sure about that.  You can have lore stories that just expand and embellish the current universe.  I’m okay with that. Read more

That’s a fair assessment; to me it comes across as a mashup between A Very Brady Movie and The Good Place. Read more