Jul 19 2017

“insane white boy shit” replace white with black and I see Rev. Jesse Jackson getting involved.

Jul 13 2017

Thank you! And did you see which article Yesha linked? A TMZ article where he defends himself.
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Jul 13 2017

You don’t need to hope that Mayweather will win. McGregor doesn’t belong in the same boxing ring, and Mayweather will wreck his shit. This is known. Read more

Jul 5 2017

Did you just call BuzzFeed and HuffPost respectable news sites!? Bahaha now I know you’re just trolling.

Jun 28 2017

he is in England, he probably thought another terrorist attacking.

Jun 19 2017

Okay, I’ll play the other side here. Let’s look at the facts.. We have a lady who calls law enforcement claiming a robbery has taken place. Law enforcement arrives and realizes this is the same lady who attempted to kidnap law enforcement with a pair of scissors earlier in the month. This is the same lady who claimed Read more

Jun 13 2017

Knowing the difference between right and wrong is different from being held accountable for electoral decisions. A 13 year old may not be of advanced mind to determine who is the best choice to govern them, or the finer points of House Bill 234 that will change or alter employee considerations with union labor Read more

Jun 6 2017

Not really. He’s not stopping them from speaking. They can still say whatever they want, and they can still say it on twitter, they just can’t say it on *his* twitter account. This is a non-issue.

Jun 6 2017

Liberals are the new Inquisition. Welcome to the new world.

Jun 3 2017

Well it seems someone was triggered. These days anytime someone says something you don’t agree about it “they must be fired and never heard from again”

May 25 2017

Let me be frank: A women-only screening of Wonder Woman is an excellent idea, and any man who thinks it discriminates against them needs to spend the rest of the day staring in the mirror while a single tear flows down their collective cheeks. Read more

May 25 2017

Oh shut the fuck up and put Apple’s cock back in your mouth. Jesus...can’t fucking apple-tarts just shut up for five fucking minutes on a story that has nothing directly to do with your precious fucking lord and savior?