Dec 20 2018

Seems like this is an update to the old way VW used to say “fuck you”:

Dec 18 2018

190D??? 80ish hp when new, iirc I love my old diesel MB, but still not old enough to have patience for this. I test-drove a NA MB diesel. Nope. Bought a 300SD instead. Mind you, I love the look, but I’m just not into leading  involuntary parades of impatient people

Dec 15 2018

Hahaha, i do exist Jason and i am one of Jalopnik’s biggest Kurdish fans. Hope everyone enjoyed the video.

Nov 7 2018

Four bags of mulch inside for less than 10 minutes lead to a week of it smelling a like a horse farted in the trunk. Read more

Mar 24 2018

How do you do hand brake turns then? Girls love hand brake turns.

Jan 12 2018

Remember, I was in a backyard of three-inch deep mud. That Jeep wasn’t going anywhere fast. And with its flat tires, even if it did get a bit of traction, it’d come to a stop in short order. That was a non-issue.

Jan 12 2018

The carb leaked all over the place via the power valve. So at the very least, it needed that replaced. And since the thing was filled with fire extinguisher dust, it needed a cleaning anyhow. Anyone would have rebuilt that carb at that point.

And why the heck not try to put the Jeep into reverse just to see if it’ll Read more

Aug 22 2017

I’m not a fan of the CR-V. It doesn’t seem like a very useful vehicle configuration, and I won’t defend it.
But I will step in to defend vaginas. I don’t think they deserve the association you’ve created. Unlike the CR-V, they are quite useful.

Aug 22 2017

The Honda Vagina.......I mean CRV. Each generation is uglier than the last and they’re just really mobile obstacles. The Honda Civic Hybrid is second because the owners bought them thinking they’d get great gas mileage, then didn’t so they had to drive even slower to compensate!

Aug 6 2011

This Corolla was in the same class as the CRX. But RWD so that pretty much means it wins.