5/02/20 8:43PM

I am not naive about anything but I will say this one more time: Do you honestly think the first black man to seriously pursue the office of President did a poor job of vetting the man that would be his VP? If Mitch McConnell and any of those scumbags knew this to be true they would’ve used it against him. This woman Read more

5/02/20 7:39PM

Uh The Me Too movement was begun by Tarana Burke. I mean if you are going to troll at least do some research Chad.

5/02/20 10:18AM

I don’t necessarily believe Tara Reade and I don’t necessarily believe Joe Biden. What I do know is that Al Franken was pushed out of the Senate because of a VERY specific hit job based on some iffy “evidence” and that MFer is still in the WH after 18 very credible accusations (some of them with a paper trail.) I Read more

5/01/20 10:01PM

I sincerely doubt that the younger candidates could’ve done that. Older more pragmatic black voters said it best: An old white man needs to take his ass on. The reason being is that they didn’t want a younger black or brown person to have to make that call on November 3rd. Losing a Presidential bid is something you Read more

5/01/20 9:17PM

Tara Reade is what happens when you gentrify a movement started by a black woman. #MeToo has now become a farce in the hands of white women. There is a difference in believe women when they make these accusations & assign guilt without reviewing the facts. Tara Reade has done more than change her story several times. Read more

5/01/20 5:41PM

I mean, does it REALLY seem weird to you that Biden, a career Senator and former Vice President, might have some semblance of a clue about what is in the Senate papers HE PERSONALLY gifted to the University of Delaware and might have a better idea of what is and is not in those papers, and whether they contained Read more

5/01/20 4:42PM

I mean, the article you linked me to makes a pretty strong case that “it’s likely somewhere” and devotes quite a few words to speculating about where her complaint might be. So, idk, maybe read the article you linked? I don’t know why you think corroborating the facts of her story are not possible or important beyond Read more

5/01/20 3:57PM

Do you ya’ll REALLY think Obama wouldn’t have vetted Biden thoroughly? Considering - 1. Biden was going to be the V.P. (A JOB HE HELD FOR EIGHT YEARS) and 2. Obama is a black man and Biden is white. You don’t think Obama would have been blamed for something like this just by association? The vetting process would be Read more

5/01/20 3:48PM

What has been, for me, the disappointing part of all this is that once the original article came out and, as you stated, effed up everything so badly due to the horrible job they did, there was a brief moment of reflection on progressive ‘journalistic’ sites like this. And to Jezebel’s credit, that was the first Read more

5/01/20 3:21PM

THE COMPLAINT would be a huge piece of evidence that corroborates her story: She says she filed a complaint against Biden in 1993 and was retaliated against by being terminated from her position. That is central to her story, and a huge piece of corroborating evidence. She didn’t keep it and hasn’t been able to Read more

5/01/20 2:35PM

It’s an interesting coincidence (maybe?), but the manner in which she claims Biden assaulted her is similar to a scene from Mad Men:

5/01/20 2:29PM

Her mother calling Larry King is not actually confirmed and she did not say that the unnamed senator sexually assaulted her. Read more

5/01/20 2:17PM

It’s a he said/she said case. So yes, he does want you to take his word. Not sure what else you expect him to do? Open up unrelated files so FOX News can destroy him by taking seemingly damning quotes from a lifetime of papers out of context to make him look bad? Look what they’ve already done with that one video Read more

5/01/20 2:17PM

And this kind of hits on why this particular article was once again such a baffling take from Jezebel. It is alright to say that Biden is asking you to take his word on faith, that is literally happening with him and with Tara Reade at this point. However, to scoff at Biden not being able to provide evidence is just Read more

5/01/20 2:01PM

Really, the only evidence that he could produce to conclusively show that an assault didn’t happen 27 years after the fact would be evidence of an alibi. But Reade claims she can’t remember when in 1993 this happened (maybe spring) or where (somewhere in Capitol Hill, “likely a Senate office building basement), so Read more

5/01/20 1:59PM

Forget Putin for the moment.  The biggest defense against anything like this is an alibi.  When the most anyone can narrow down is “Spring”, but is really filed as a 1993 incident, all you’re ever going to get is a straight denial from the accused and it starts becoming a study in character witnesses.

5/01/20 1:45PM

Yeah, I am willing to hear more from Tara Reade, but unfortunately when you make an accusation against someone (whether it’s sexual assault or theft or fraud) the onus is on you to provide evidence that it happened. She is saying there should be a paper trail of her complaint, and it sounds to me like Joe Biden is Read more

5/01/20 1:45PM

... and that many of the people she told about the abuse heard only about “sexual harassment’ allegations. Including her brother, who contacted reporters days after confirming allegations to let them know after talking about the past with his sister he now remembers she did tell him about being digitally penetrated Read more

5/01/20 1:29PM

Reade’s perpetually changing story and name is why people should not take her seriously. Especially since a part of her supposed story comes from a novel her father wrote. Not to mention, now deleted, gushing articles she wrote about how sensually strong Putin is.

5/01/20 1:24PM

This kind of hits why I thought Biden’s response to the allegations was always going to be a meaningless exercise as what would it truly accomplish. This isn’t meant as a defense as it would be the case if he did or did not do it. And at that point it just ends up reflecting on what believed before that statement as Read more