A slushbox can be fun, too!
Jun 25 2016

In all my years existing, I, too, only knew of its purpose only lately.... I thought it was just some famcy stickers to look cool

Jun 23 2016

the efficacy of drug deteriorate as it expires. Worse comes to worst, your allergy won’t get treated by the medicine. Don’t worry anything beyond that

Jun 22 2016

My great-grandfather had a Fiat like the pne in the top pic. In the Philippines. Sold to another member of the extended family when he passed away some 15 years ago.

Jun 14 2016

Assuming they comply with the same level of safety standards set, I can’t understand why some would prefer framed doors over frameless ones...

Jun 8 2016

Most reviews say that it has the best handling among the current Pickup-based Passenger Vehicles out there though... Wish we have it here

Jun 7 2016

What’s the reason behind all the badge engineering they do in Japan? It’s so extensive as can be seen by this example. Can’t they all just peacefully coexist and do their own niches? Like, Suzuki for all the small and capable SUVs, Mazda for all the nice handling cars, and Toyota for all the beigemobiles