Oct 5

> A Sony spokesperson explained that the decision was made to avoid different button settings across countries, as well as easing the burden for developers. Read more

Oct 5

I think they should also set the Y-axis to default to inverted if they’re going around making changes.

Oct 5

You clearly know nothing about programming, this ‘issue’ is literally a joke for developers A. they would have already known how to deal with this issue because of the past implementations, and B. To freshly implement it would literally take a config that would be 1 file with 4 lines, set on startup when checking for Read more

Oct 5

Meanwhile, Nintendo is over here effectively giving absolutely no shits, and mapping Confirm to Face Right in all regions.

Oct 5

Sony should leave Japan’s mappings the same and change the rest of the world. I’m real tired of confirm/cancel being opposite on Sony and Nintendo consoles

Sep 30

Yes, but talking about trans people in a way that doesn’t perfectly align with the one and only (apparently) acceptable public view is not the same as “arguing whether certain human beings should have rights and be treated with decency”. Vaguely pointing out extraordinarily basic, well established and well subscribed Read more

Sep 30

Rowling’s views are bigoted, ignorant and hateful but they are still opinions. And people have the right to have their own opinions.

That said, your opinions should not and will not shield you from criticism and consequences.

Rowling is recieving a lot of blowback and absolutely should get more heaped onto the pile, Read more

Sep 27

This is an under rated response. You literally hit the nail on the head with all of your points. I just finished 15. I wanted to like it so bad but the game play just didn’t feel fun and I HATED the story. The only part that really had me any kind of excited was the leviathan fight but once that was over it was back Read more

Aug 3

I like how you say the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, and then each of your next three sentences are about how the Civil War was, in fact, about slavery.

Jul 29

While I do appreciate the point being made here, I think you might have a few things mixed up. Specifically, that Robin of Awakenings was an “everyman” player avatar while Byleth of Three Houses has a defined character, when it’s really the other way around. Robin, for example, has pre-defined dialogue and hobbies Read more

Apr 8

As someone who’s owned all three systems this gen, I want to chime in here. I’ve been totally fine with the DS4's battery life this gen - it’s not amazing, but I, and I assume most people, have a side table next to my couch that has an outlet nearby, so there’s a charging cable there that I simply plug into, and Read more

Jan 31 2019

He’s a savior just because he got crucified for our sins? I like people who weren’t crucified. OK? I hate to tell you. Perhaps he’s a savior, but he said some very bad things about a lot of good people who steal from the poor and hate their neighbors. So I dunno. I lot of people are saying he wasn’t that great.