Jan 26

This is by far the most honest and affecting thing I have read today. Thanks for sharing your sophisticated perspective on a thread that badly needed it. 

Jan 13 2020

We recently went from renting to owning, and the house we were renting had a den and a living room. The home we bought has one living room, and my husband and I are simpatico to a degree that I didn’t think was real. We often say we have a cuddling problem, which is that cuddling often makes us late for work, and when Read more

Jan 11 2020

Different societies have different gender norms, stereotypes, expectations, taboos, etc. Something that’s considered typically masculine in one place can be seen as typically feminine in another. Or during another time in history. A society develops ideas about what is considered feminine and masculine, as well as Read more

Dec 16 2019

I don’t have anything made with leather or canvas. I have a degree in art history, an eye for design and I’ve been collecting 50ies pieces for years. I know what I’m doing, but thank you for mansplaining something I’m an expert at

Dec 5 2019

Catholics don’t hate people? When did this start? They’re still the ones that print the book that states in no uncertain terms ‘Kill atheists with rocks.’ right? The ones who provided the blueprint for the Nazi’s rationalization of the Holocaust right? (Blood libel, etc.) Is this one of those ‘Why not both?’ Read more

Dec 3 2019

like I decorate the house: drunk, in sweats and unwashed hair, screaming random lyrics/instrumental riffs to songs as they play, crying over ornaments, yelling about how much I love Christmas at intervals, live-picture-texting my mom throughout, and dragging my spouse out to admire whatever I’ve just finished. Read more

Dec 3 2019

LOL yeah I’ve basically given up on having one of those picture perfect Xmas tree tableaus like you see in magazines until the kids are quite a bit older. At least they’re enjoying themselves. /sigh To be honest, before I had kids we didn’t bother decorating for any holiday (too much trouble); all this is purely for Read more

Dec 3 2019

I spend the day after Thanksgiving doing the tree with the “help” of the kids and then resorting to wine to maintain my sanity in between yelling at the kids to stop throwing legos into the tree.

Dec 2 2019

How fucked up is it to co-opt the very relevant and important #believewomen hashtag to stand on your stupid incorrect soapbox?

Oct 31 2019

Esther, it feels like everything is on borrowed time at this point, so I just wanted to say thanks for all your work here. Jezebel has been “my” corner of the internet for 8 years, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that there were some days when looking forward to reading Jez was the one thing I could bring myself Read more

Oct 25 2019

Right? I was like there have been so, so many requests throughout the years. If anything this is the one case where the people in charge actually were listening. As someone who does do the annual rewatch, I really don’t think it’s necessary, but there should definitely be a market for it.