asocalguy redux

Look at yourself. You are literally hiding behind two troll accounts at the same time. You're the saddest of the bunch. You can delude yourself all you want, but everyone here knows it. I won't be giving you more attention. Have fun being a coward. Read more

Keep it up tomato. Looks like you'll finally get some people to talk to you this way. Read more

Wow! A comment not talking about me? Amazing. Read more

My wife left me yesterday for a black man. I'm so upset. Read more

I used to love wankin' off to that show. :-) Read more

Why are we making fun of this guy? Reminds me of a young me. Some people are really just better and excel over the rest. Read more

It really does break Kinja. It's the ultimate problem. The guy I'm impersonating now is my biggest stalker/harasser. I'm going to keep it up until a change is made. I've emailed gawker to no answer. He literally does nothing else but troll me. His comment history is 90% harassing me. Read more

Keep up it, tomato troll. What a successful day you've had. Read more

You were talking to tomato troll impersonating Fresh Beets Read more

You're being trolled by tomato face. Read more

My three wives and I have a very beautiful, 4 year old daughter. I don't know what I would do without her, I hope nothing ever happens to her. Read more

Hmm, I remember a certain Red. White. And blue user making this post. Read more

You better tread lightly, one slip up and I will doxx you and find your daughter. Read more

A lot of words just to say "I'm a little bitch, coward." Read more

Why don't you go impersonate me some more? Do you really think I don't know it's you? Read more

I just wanted to let you know how amazing of a person I still think you are. It is so rare for one to always see the good in people, and you have that gift, love. I really didn't want what happened yesterday to happen; I was just trying to add context. I didn't even do or say anything to incite such anger. I guess Read more

Did you say anything when you saw these acts of bigotry? Read more