Askim Benim
Jul 8

I’ve taught kids that age recently and they’re itty bitty babies. Even if they’re taller than you. It’s horrific.

Jun 30

He also thought it was about the Armenian Genocide for some reason (it’s not), so he had a little bit of a push and pull between “maybe I should see this” and “but why is my boss trying to talk to me about this.”

Jun 25

My husband and I have been married 10 years and the only time he has been seriously ill was when he randomly got pneumonia in March. In March 2020, when it looked like we were going to be the next COVID hot spot after Washington. He’s had a cough since and every time he has seen the doctor they make him take a COVID Read more

Jun 24

When someone is willing to mock up a fake card and risk killing people to avoid a minor inconvenience I gotta wonder what else they’re capable of.

Jun 21

I got paranoid. Everything written was true, with proof, but I imagine that their lawyers are scouring everything right now. Thanks!

Jun 20

My dad died on June 13th, 2015. Just passed the 5th anniversary. So close to Father’s Day. Not a fan. My sister grieves differently and bombs Facebook with all the DADDY IS UP IN HEAVEN NOW memes she can and I... can’t.

Jun 4

A Southie cop asked me what I am once. Actually, people in Boston in general were the best as clocking me as non-white and having QUESTIONS about it.

Apr 29

Similar story. My students and I were in the area just after a dog was stolen in front of a store, so we were all happy when they found the little guy so many months later and so far away. They’ve been reuinited. Read more

Apr 12

I’m really worried that this is how we fuck up the head start we have. Wishful thinking and lockdown fatigue. 

Mar 16

Yeah, I have some issues with Mayor Breed, but I appreciate her unwillingness to fuck around with this matter.

Mar 16

Yeah, we can’t fuck around. I saw a line out the door outside of that Mission mini golf place and was livid yesterday.