Sep 19 2017

This comment is a treasure. Thank you for sharing. I taught in East Oakland and the Panthers’ legacy is still felt there.

May 1 2017

I’m not white, but I am also not black. 20/24 of my students are black, though. The single biggest factors that have helped me grow as a teacher are: Read more

Mar 25 2017

It’s nice to something so genuinely joyful these days.

Jan 24 2017

That’s horrific. This was still happening well into living memory, it’s jarring to see people try to whitesplain it as “Well, she probably didn’t read the waiver.” Read more

Sep 3 2016

I’m from nearby Apple Valley and I concur. (Apple Valley is also a shithole.)

Dec 12 2015

Oh yeah, she went after me right out of the gate. It was bizarre, but seemed so random that I just avoided her. I had no idea it was her until yesterday. We never had a beef before. The whole thing was gross and she acted in complete bad faith. Read more

Sep 18 2015

Yes, I would like it explained to the whole communities (many of which are POC communities)in which these kind of honorifics are extremely important. Read more

Jul 27 2015

#3 almost certainly had opiates, cocaine, or both. Not even joking.

Mar 10 2015

I asked someone at a coffee shop nearby why the shelter hadn't changed its name yet and she looked at me like she didn't know what I was talking about. Read more

Nov 14 2014

That sounds like the most uncomfortable thing ever. I mean, I would probably be more comfortable in an actual Klan rally because there would be less cognitive dissonance involved.