Ashley Jack

You know what is weird? Ghost in The Shell has 44% on rotten tomatoes. Read more

I’m sorry but this is childish. You took his comment personally but out of the two of you... Read more

They always regenerate so makes teeth Read more

Because you obviously have not played it. Read more

It makes sense that VR is big in Japan. They have small homes...cramped cities with a large population. Escape! Read more

I have only been playing warewolves within for the past month. You obviously don’t know crap Read more

The first I heard if Smite was when sitting with the mother of one of the Australian team members currently there. Read more

Wasn’t God in this show a brown woman? Or at least the one granting them their abilities. Read more

Have seen many reviews backtrack on the “we wish she didn’t appear with CGI” comments about Rouge One. Read more

But misingno is a game breaking bug...bu corrupting saves or enabling cheats that disrupts the online community (item cloning making it easy to catch legendary ) Read more

Well the red/blue ports kept misingno Read more

Final fantasy is largely built with social events that have confused people watching me. Read more

The switch is a 3ds and a wii u Read more

Could there be batteries in those controls to extend battery life? Read more

Is it possible those controllers have batteries in them to extend battery life? Read more

I didn’t say “don’t buy ps4 or xbox” Read more